Cheap DIY Costume Ideas – Be Creative On A Budget

Costume parties are one of the most enjoyable ways to have simple fun. But let’s face it, not everyone can afford to spend a ton of money on store-bought costumes, particularly if you would rather splurge on the refreshments instead.

Wouldn’t be nice to create recognizable characters without blowing your beer budget? Well, you can! There are numerous, inventive ideas for creating cheap Do-It-Yourself costumes for whatever the occasion, whether a birthday party or celebrating tradition Halloween. And the best thing about designing your own costume is that you’ll get to pick who you want to be, rather than settling for what’s available in your local stores.

Here are ideas for cheap DIY costumes for your next costume party.

Derek Zoolander

Creative Halloween Costumes - Be Creative On A Budget
Creating your Derek Zoolander Halloween costume can be cheap and fun. What do you need? Blue contact lenses for your eyes and a Zebra headband. To complete that look, paint your lips purple, use a dark eyeshadow and don’t forget the arresting gaze.

Silent Film Stars

Being a silent movie actor can make unique and creative Halloween costume. For this costume, you need to arm yourself with a black outfit, paint your face and body white and apply black eyeshadow and lipstick. If you’re a man, grab black pants, a white shirt, suspenders, and you’ll be set. Also, silent films involved the use of cards in a dialogue. To look more authentic as a silent film star, source a little inspiration online and make yourself a card from home.

Garden Gnome

For those who are fond of garden gnomes, the idea of getting a gnome costume is just unique. What you need is a brown belt, dark denim jeans, and a blue long-sleeved shirt. Use a cardboard and red felt to make a hat. For the eyebrows, pull apart large and loose cotton balls, reshape them into oblong shapes and stick them onto the edges of the hat. If you’re a clean-shaven man or woman and you want to rock a beard, make a wispy white beard from cotton balls and pieces of yarn.

Bat Costume

Bats are actually symbols of the Halloween celebration. Dress in a black outfit, and make a pair of wings from an umbrella. Use a black umbrella that you won’t feel sorry sacrificing. Cut the umbrella in half and try keeping the spikes tied to the material. These spikes will resemble the bat’s bones. Sow the halves to the back of the outfit which will serve as your costume. For the bat ears, use a piece of material from the umbrella and glue them to a black headband.


This costume can be created with materials available at home. What you need is a cardboard (preferably green in color) to serve as the alligator’s mouth and white plastic cups to resemble the gator’s eyes. For the teeth, cut pieces of white plastic into triangles and stick them onto the cardboard. Complete this look with a green outfit (green pants and a green long-sleeved shirt).


A simple, gender-neutral costume is the jellyfish costume. For this costume, you need to wear white clothes and get a clear umbrella. Attach some stingers (can be anything from thin bands of bubble wrap, ribbons, string, or fabric) to the inside of the umbrella and hold the umbrella over your head.

Cat Burglar

This costume has everything in all-black; cat ears, a black top, black leggings, black socks and shoes, black gloves, a swishy tail and a black eye mask. Hang some tool items from a belt and wear it around your waist. Also, carry a sack on your shoulder with a dollar sign fixed on it.

Wrapping it Up!

Go through your home for uniforms you already own and find fun items that can be used as part of your costume. Halloween costumes are meant to be scary and fun depending on your age. Remember, a little imagination and creativity will go a long way in creating cheap costumes for your Halloween party.