15 Unique Party Themes To Try

Every loves costume parties.  Especially if they are inventive and require costumes that are not too hard to put together.  Here are 15 great party themes you may not have thought of for your next costume party.

1. A party at El Morocco
We all have heard of El Morocco, a nightclub that ruled the New York’s airwaves in the 1960s. How about you turn your house into El Morocco and have your friends feel what it was like to party there. Ensure that you have some retro cocktails, a fancy band and a touch of zebra prints around.
Morroccan theme party

2. Try Farm-to-Table Dinner

The next time you host a dinner, have all your ingredients locally sourced. This particular dinner is healthy and will leave all your friends impressed and create a night that they will live to remember.

3. Black and White Dance Night

You probably have heard of Capote’s very posh black and white dance that took place in 1966.  Take a tip from Truman and turn your next sophisticated party into a Black & White night to remember? Remember to ensure that all your friends come dressed strictly in monochrome colors.

4. Let’s try Crafting

Imagine enjoying a glass of wine while making some jewelry. Sounds fun? Yes, you should try this in your next house party. Have your friends engage in some craft, mess with some clothes while enjoying the night.

5. Have a spa at your party

Ask for the help of a cosmetologist and allow your friends to enjoy their glasses of wine in relaxed mode. This make-up party theme will create a relaxed experience that your friends will live praise throughout the year.

6. A game night

A game night will ensure that all your visitors stay occupied all through the night. Before picking this theme, ensure that you have all sought of games from the dig up monopoly to checkers and you’re assured that your friends will enjoy the night while interacting to the maximum.  Another twist on that them is to have your friends come as their favorite game board piece or video character.
Photo from Costume-Works

7. A picnic in your backyard

Imagine having a picnic in your backyard. Sounds fun, right? Yes, and so next time have your friends enjoy picnic meals while seated on picnic blankets at your backyard and they will like the experience.

8. Cowboy and Indian Theme

On this theme, you should ensure that all the guests come either dressed as a cowboy or an American-Indian. Also set up a Native American teepee, to ensure that the theme is fully realized.  Be sure to have plenty of beef jerky and baked beans on hand for all the cowpokes.

You could even create a theme within a theme by choosing your favorite cowboy TV show from the 60’s, such as Gunsmoke, Rawhide, The Wild Wild West or even F-Troop.


9. Cake Decorating Party

This particular theme is also much engaging and fun. Ensure that all guests have a cake which they should decorate. You can also turn the decoration into a competition such that the one with the best-decorated cake gets rewarded.

10. A Prom Night

Why not try a prom party and let your guests wear attires that reminds them of back in the days. The theme creates a moment that each of the guests can relate to hence fun.

11. Karaoke night

We’ve witnessed karaoke mostly in nightclubs, and the experience is always fantastic. Then, why don’t you have your friends sing along to some of the favorite songs while enjoying their drinks. This theme can create a memorable night since most of us aren’t blessed with a singing voice.

12. Ugly Christmas Sweater

Imagine requesting each of your guests to come to your holiday party wearing his or her ugliest Christmas sweater that they probably received as a gift. Be assured that your party will turn into one of the funniest nights in the block.
Ugly Christmas Sweater party

13. Book night

Inform all your invited friends that they should bring one of their favorite book to the party. During the night, allow them to exchange the books amongst themselves and read. However, this party idea is suitable for those who love reading.

14. Vodka-tasting party

Before opting for this theme, ensure that you have a variety of vodka. During the party, make sure that your friends taste most of the vodka in place and this will create a night that you will all live to remember.

15. Throw an Oscars Party

Let your friends imagine that they are attending the Oscar party and wait to see how they will come dressed for the red carpet. Ensure that you take photos to preserve the moments.
Oscar Party
Photo from Harpers-Bazaar