Wearing an Heirloom First Communion Dress is a Beautiful Way to Honor Tradition

The First Holy Communion is a religious celebration in some Christian traditions in which a child receives the Holy Eucharist, symbolizing symbolizes a rite of passage – the communicants readiness to welcome Jesus into their lives and willingness to follow the teachings of the Church.

This longstanding tradition has always involved dressing up in special clothes. Communion dress styles range from traditional, to modern, and depending on the Church’s dress code, the acceptable colors are white, ivory or light pink, with or without colorful accents, such as sashes or flowers. In some communities girls wear a family heirloom pieces, passed on by their mothers or sisters.

Why Wear an Heirloom Holy Communion Dress?

There are plenty of reasons why a vintage communion gown would be perfect for your little princess, despite the plethora of beautiful gowns for the Holy Communion available today. If you have been shopping for a first communion gown for your daughter you have probably noticed the trend – lots of fluffiness, bling and elaborate tiered skirts. It really brings up the nostalgia for the adorable communion dresses from some simpler times. The cute lace that just skimmed your skinned knee. The bobby socks and kitten heels. The understated dresses that were actually suited for someone under four feet tall.

Whether created from new or heirloom fabrics, some communion gowns are possessions cherished through generations, just like wedding dresses. These are the types of gowns that are too beautiful to just wear once. Imagine your little boy or girl, thirty something years from now, dressing their own child in the gown they wore on their christening day. This makes an heirloom gown so much more than just a dress.

Wearing the simple heirloom dress will help your daughter and your family focus on the spiritual importance of the day, rather than losing focus and worrying about the material aspects. A dress that has been in the family for generations will make you realize how tradition makes you feel closer to your family no matter how much time has passed.

Vintage First Communion Dresses

Traditionally Holy Communion Gowns were fashioned of solid white materials with minimal embellishments. If you take the trip down the memory lane looking at old photos of first communion ceremonies, you can see how girls’ dresses beautifully display customs and nuances of different traditions.

Irish families take great pride in their child’s First Holy Communion, so the dresses for this occasion are ornamented with Irish symbolism and artistry. Girls wear tea-length ball gowns that almost look like mini versions of wedding dresses, complete with veils and white gloves.

Before the late 1960s Italian girls wore elaborate white dresses and veils, which made older girls look like little brides. The Church in Italy called a halt, and as a result, in Italy, by the early 1970s, rules were made about wearing a simple white dress – i.e. full length woolen type cloth rather than lace and tulle, with long sleeves and high neckline. Parish Priests in Italy started to refuse to celebrate First Communion if the child turned up in the outfits that resembled bridal wear. The little girls wear the plain ‘nun’s habit’ style dress, sometimes with a ring of white flowers on the hair, sometimes with a white cloth of the same fabric as the dress in a ‘nun’s style’ headdress.

Spanish first communion dresses are usually handmade from quality fabrics: silk, organza, linen, muslin and light and airy cottons, finished with delicate embroidery. Sometimes dresses are more elaborate and feature the image of “Our Lady of Guadalupe” embroidered on the front of the skirt.

Wedding Corsages – Special Flowers for the Mothers

Some people don’t like corsages because they seem old-fashioned or prom-like. However, a corsage is a lovely way to visually announce special family members at your wedding. We love when mothers of the bride get their own special style accessories, and our favorite of all of them is a corsage. It’s a big day for mothers, and a corsage makes them feel and look extra special. It’s a tradition we don’t see often enough! If you are doing the flowers for your own wedding and you want your mother to have something extra special, this could be the perfect handmade gift to give her the morning of your wedding.

Corsage tradition

The word corsage is French in origin and was strictly translated as “the bodice of a dress”. The flowers worn were called the “bouquet de corsage,” and over time, the term was shortened to simply “corsage.” In contemporary times, corsages are also worn on the wrist, held in place by beautiful wristlets or bracelets.

Corsages for mothers of bride and groom allow many different styles and ways to wear. Pin on is the traditional, but with fabrics becoming so light and sheer we can now use a magnetic pin so as not to damage Mom’s lovely dress or jacket. Another way is to have a wrist corsage. These are fun and can be worn on plain elasticized wrist bands or pearls and crystals and jewels. The choice is yours.

wedding party corsages

Who should get a wedding corsage?

There aren’t any set-in-stone traditions about who gets to wear wedding-day flowers. But here’s who most couples choose to honor: The parents and stepparents, grandparents, any other immediate family members who are not in the wedding party, ushers, and the ceremony readers. Either way, it’s up to you. We know one bride who gave small corsages to all of her sorority sisters who attended her wedding, and one couple who gave flowers to every single one of their guests. Another popular option is to give single long-stemmed blooms to honored guests (usually roses, though gerbera daisies are also a favorite). Just so long as you’re comfortable that you’ve included everyone you want to recognize (and so long as the sides are even — giving one to your sister, but not to your new sister-in-law is a fight waiting to happen), you’ll be just fine.

DIY Party Costumes on The Cheap

Ever been invited to a costume party that wasn’t in October?  It’s rare, but it happens.  The trouble is there are never any decent costumes around during the off-season.  So, is there a way of getting a fun costume to impress your buddies, and do it on the cheap?  Sure!  All it takes is some imagination.

DIY costumes have become popular in the recent years. With everyone becoming craftier, more creative costumes are coming out to match even those bought at Halloween shops. Here are great ideas on how to make your next Halloween DIY costumes.

A Ghost

DIY Party Costumes on The Cheap
Consider this only if you have the legs for it.

DIY Party Costumes on The Cheap
You may have seen it in movies and cartoons, why not create it in real life. What you need for this idea is just an old white sheet then cut out the eye holes and dress the sheet with some makeup. Smear some lipstick on where you think your mouth will be and finish off with some blush on your ghostly cheeks. However, the setup isn’t complete without groans and moans, so practice groaning and moaning before midnight.

The Mummy

DIY Party Costumes on The Cheap
Some prefer using ordinary toilet paper while others prefer paper towels because they are tougher and wider. You just need to roll the toilet paper or paper towels all over your body, hands, legs, and head but don’t cover your face. You can use ketchup, red food coloring or makeup on your face to create that scary effect.

A Vampire

DIY Party Costumes on The Cheap
When it comes to the vampire Halloween costume, you can source your inspiration from your favorite vampire TV shows and movies. What you need are nifty looking clothes, some powder to make your skin look pale and a pair of fake fangs. To complete the look, dribble some red food coloring or fake blood on the sides of your mouth.

A Mime

DIY Party Costumes on The Cheap
Do you want to give your voice a break and express yourself through actions? Then what you need is a mime costume. Apply heavy white makeup on your face and dress in black clothes or a black and white striped top if you have one. Even though it’s not necessary, you may want to complete this look with white gloves. Remember, while in this costume you won’t speak, you’ll be using your face and body to act out emotions or actions.

Circus Performer

DIY Party Costumes on The Cheap
This is another look that doesn’t need to be extravagant or expensive. You just need to paint your face heavily, get a leotard and include some faux eyelashes. Wear a high hat or a headgear with a feather embedded on it and include a long, blonde wig that will go a long way to producing a convincing circus performer.

Velma and Shaggy

DIY Party Costumes on The Cheap
If you’re a fan of Scooby Doo, why not reproduce the characters Velma and Shaggy into an amazing couple costume! You can build this out with your brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend or a BFF. The shaggy-themed guy should have a small beard, wear brown pants and a baggy green t-shirt. There’s is also a shaggy wig and that scruffy goatee. The Velma-themed girl should wear a brown wig, red shoes, orange socks, Velma’s signature horn-rimmed glasses, a red skirt and an orange turtleneck top.

Orbit Girl

DIY Party Costumes on The Cheap
Are you known for being all smiles? Consider the Orbit Girl commercial. Being one of the simplest to make, you just need a white outfit (blazer and skirt) and a blue scarf to tie around your neck. Also, you can attach an Orbit logo on the front of your skirt to finish off that look.

Your costume party doesn’t have to be a costly affair. With the above DIY costume ideas, you’ll be able to achieve an impressive look simply and cheaply. Be prepared and have fun with your imagination!

Cheap DIY Costume Ideas – Be Creative On A Budget

Costume parties are one of the most enjoyable ways to have simple fun. But let’s face it, not everyone can afford to spend a ton of money on store-bought costumes, particularly if you would rather splurge on the refreshments instead.

Wouldn’t be nice to create recognizable characters without blowing your beer budget? Well, you can! There are numerous, inventive ideas for creating cheap Do-It-Yourself costumes for whatever the occasion, whether a birthday party or celebrating tradition Halloween. And the best thing about designing your own costume is that you’ll get to pick who you want to be, rather than settling for what’s available in your local stores.

Here are ideas for cheap DIY costumes for your next costume party.

Derek Zoolander

Creative Halloween Costumes - Be Creative On A Budget
Creating your Derek Zoolander Halloween costume can be cheap and fun. What do you need? Blue contact lenses for your eyes and a Zebra headband. To complete that look, paint your lips purple, use a dark eyeshadow and don’t forget the arresting gaze.

Silent Film Stars

Being a silent movie actor can make unique and creative Halloween costume. For this costume, you need to arm yourself with a black outfit, paint your face and body white and apply black eyeshadow and lipstick. If you’re a man, grab black pants, a white shirt, suspenders, and you’ll be set. Also, silent films involved the use of cards in a dialogue. To look more authentic as a silent film star, source a little inspiration online and make yourself a card from home.

Garden Gnome

For those who are fond of garden gnomes, the idea of getting a gnome costume is just unique. What you need is a brown belt, dark denim jeans, and a blue long-sleeved shirt. Use a cardboard and red felt to make a hat. For the eyebrows, pull apart large and loose cotton balls, reshape them into oblong shapes and stick them onto the edges of the hat. If you’re a clean-shaven man or woman and you want to rock a beard, make a wispy white beard from cotton balls and pieces of yarn.

Bat Costume

Bats are actually symbols of the Halloween celebration. Dress in a black outfit, and make a pair of wings from an umbrella. Use a black umbrella that you won’t feel sorry sacrificing. Cut the umbrella in half and try keeping the spikes tied to the material. These spikes will resemble the bat’s bones. Sow the halves to the back of the outfit which will serve as your costume. For the bat ears, use a piece of material from the umbrella and glue them to a black headband.


This costume can be created with materials available at home. What you need is a cardboard (preferably green in color) to serve as the alligator’s mouth and white plastic cups to resemble the gator’s eyes. For the teeth, cut pieces of white plastic into triangles and stick them onto the cardboard. Complete this look with a green outfit (green pants and a green long-sleeved shirt).


A simple, gender-neutral costume is the jellyfish costume. For this costume, you need to wear white clothes and get a clear umbrella. Attach some stingers (can be anything from thin bands of bubble wrap, ribbons, string, or fabric) to the inside of the umbrella and hold the umbrella over your head.

Cat Burglar

This costume has everything in all-black; cat ears, a black top, black leggings, black socks and shoes, black gloves, a swishy tail and a black eye mask. Hang some tool items from a belt and wear it around your waist. Also, carry a sack on your shoulder with a dollar sign fixed on it.

Wrapping it Up!

Go through your home for uniforms you already own and find fun items that can be used as part of your costume. Halloween costumes are meant to be scary and fun depending on your age. Remember, a little imagination and creativity will go a long way in creating cheap costumes for your Halloween party.

15 Unique Party Themes To Try

Every loves costume parties.  Especially if they are inventive and require costumes that are not too hard to put together.  Here are 15 great party themes you may not have thought of for your next costume party.

1. A party at El Morocco
We all have heard of El Morocco, a nightclub that ruled the New York’s airwaves in the 1960s. How about you turn your house into El Morocco and have your friends feel what it was like to party there. Ensure that you have some retro cocktails, a fancy band and a touch of zebra prints around.
Morroccan theme party

2. Try Farm-to-Table Dinner

The next time you host a dinner, have all your ingredients locally sourced. This particular dinner is healthy and will leave all your friends impressed and create a night that they will live to remember.

3. Black and White Dance Night

You probably have heard of Capote’s very posh black and white dance that took place in 1966.  Take a tip from Truman and turn your next sophisticated party into a Black & White night to remember? Remember to ensure that all your friends come dressed strictly in monochrome colors.

4. Let’s try Crafting

Imagine enjoying a glass of wine while making some jewelry. Sounds fun? Yes, you should try this in your next house party. Have your friends engage in some craft, mess with some clothes while enjoying the night.

5. Have a spa at your party

Ask for the help of a cosmetologist and allow your friends to enjoy their glasses of wine in relaxed mode. This make-up party theme will create a relaxed experience that your friends will live praise throughout the year.

6. A game night

A game night will ensure that all your visitors stay occupied all through the night. Before picking this theme, ensure that you have all sought of games from the dig up monopoly to checkers and you’re assured that your friends will enjoy the night while interacting to the maximum.  Another twist on that them is to have your friends come as their favorite game board piece or video character.
Photo from Costume-Works

7. A picnic in your backyard

Imagine having a picnic in your backyard. Sounds fun, right? Yes, and so next time have your friends enjoy picnic meals while seated on picnic blankets at your backyard and they will like the experience.

8. Cowboy and Indian Theme

On this theme, you should ensure that all the guests come either dressed as a cowboy or an American-Indian. Also set up a Native American teepee, to ensure that the theme is fully realized.  Be sure to have plenty of beef jerky and baked beans on hand for all the cowpokes.

You could even create a theme within a theme by choosing your favorite cowboy TV show from the 60’s, such as Gunsmoke, Rawhide, The Wild Wild West or even F-Troop.


9. Cake Decorating Party

This particular theme is also much engaging and fun. Ensure that all guests have a cake which they should decorate. You can also turn the decoration into a competition such that the one with the best-decorated cake gets rewarded.

10. A Prom Night

Why not try a prom party and let your guests wear attires that reminds them of back in the days. The theme creates a moment that each of the guests can relate to hence fun.

11. Karaoke night

We’ve witnessed karaoke mostly in nightclubs, and the experience is always fantastic. Then, why don’t you have your friends sing along to some of the favorite songs while enjoying their drinks. This theme can create a memorable night since most of us aren’t blessed with a singing voice.

12. Ugly Christmas Sweater

Imagine requesting each of your guests to come to your holiday party wearing his or her ugliest Christmas sweater that they probably received as a gift. Be assured that your party will turn into one of the funniest nights in the block.
Ugly Christmas Sweater party

13. Book night

Inform all your invited friends that they should bring one of their favorite book to the party. During the night, allow them to exchange the books amongst themselves and read. However, this party idea is suitable for those who love reading.

14. Vodka-tasting party

Before opting for this theme, ensure that you have a variety of vodka. During the party, make sure that your friends taste most of the vodka in place and this will create a night that you will all live to remember.

15. Throw an Oscars Party

Let your friends imagine that they are attending the Oscar party and wait to see how they will come dressed for the red carpet. Ensure that you take photos to preserve the moments.
Oscar Party
Photo from Harpers-Bazaar